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26 Vengeance
1 177
New we have 3 members so far if u wanna join the first 6 members get in for free alls u gota do is register for forums and leave a thread with your kr your fc and your ingame name ill make u memeber and add u 2 the site =) thanks
1 420
We're a bad ass clan with top class members.If you wanna OWN other clans join NOW!!. There are requirements stop in and atalk to a members to see what you have to do to become part of a top contendi
28 Shadow Raiders
1 345
We're a new clan, that are recruiting new members. We are friendly and accept any age and experience. We have forums on all major online wii game, especially COD, but also have forums on the other console
1 128
30 Blood, Guts & Carnage
0 405
BGC is a fairly new multigaming clan for CoDwaw & Battlefield Bad Company 2...

We are currently seeking members and a head admin to run a BFBC2 Team.
31 New World Order
0 223
NWO is a clan that hopes to be successful.
We play Mario Kart SSBB
Call Of Duty 5 and if mohh2 is still alive we'll play it to
32 DaT Clan
0 228
An elite/ok players of CoD 5. If you don't like the name, just stop by anyways.
33 Clan [SMEG]
0 217
Wii gaming clan. Very active with good, kind and helpful players. JOIN NOW!!!!!
34 Call of Eternity
0 62
This clan is for level 40+ but don't worry! We can make acceptions! New and accepting applications!
35 Archadian Knights
0 191
A fierce clan of Elite WaW players and more games too, growing stronger than a nation. AK is a new growing clan that plays all wifi games. If you are looking for a fresh start or want to see what clan
36 MOFC Gaming
0 228
Multi gaming clan of the future!!!
37 Striker Clan
0 317
we are a new clan only 3 members strong but we are looking for potental cod5 players. we also play all wii games and cod4 for the PC
38 Elite Hunters
0 61
We are a MW2, CoD WaW and MW clan. We play Ps3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
39 FBI Gaming
0 66
Global Online Multi-gaming Community
40 Perfect Clan
0 262
Perfect Clan is one of the most humble and elite clans to date. If you're looking for skill and professional players, Perfect Clan is the clan for you
0 1
42 SBK-Studio
0 1
43 Random Revolt clan website
0 155
We are a brand new, and experienced clan for CoD WaW and TC. if you would like to join, come to chat and ask one of our members.
44 Brother of War
0 62
Started in 2010, Brother of War has come together for one objective...WIN. We are a group of like-minded individuals that believes in brotherhood, team work and competition in a military style community.

Brotherhood - You will meet and interact with s
45 Xtreme Corruption
0 285
Clan for MoHH1 for psp and Call Of Duty 5 for Wii.
46 Rak-Clan
0 134
We are one of the active w@w and black ops clan and we are beast.Enuff said.
47 ffc clan
0 37
We are an ps3 and wii clan.
48 Arcadian Knights
0 208
49 Vanguard Recon Troopers
0 110
We intend to uphold the upper hand on the Battlefield.
50 nochancenoobs
0 49
NoChanceNoobs is a CoD WaW wii clan. You must have certain stats and things to join (on site). We are one of the fastest growing clans out there! My K/D/R is 2.08 so join now to have a good teammate!

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